Back to School Celebrations

Like I have said time and time again, I love a reason to have a party, invite people over, have a cake and just celebrate. Yesterday was main man’s first day of Kindergarten at Bedford Road School in Pleasantville. Although it was only 35 min, not really a day, it was the 1st official one. I  took the day off to be home with him. We went to the library in the morning, went out for a special lunch , took Nicky to the grocery to pick out lunch box snacks and just spent some us time. A day like this is really a celebration in itself when you are a full-time working mom.

When daddy and everyone else got home from work, we had family dinner for Nicholas and my niece Sammi who is entering 11th grade.  The 2 “kids” decided what they wanted for dinner. They decided on Kentucky Fried Chicken, but wanted homemade sides. The kids were very specific of what they wanted. Crinkle cut fresh cut fries, apple slices, corn and salad. For dessert, the celebration cake from the Pastry Corner with chocolate cake , Oreo mousse and whipped creme frosting.

When Sammi came home from Soccer practice her and Nicholas decided since it was their day, they get to sit at the head of the table, which they did. The table had everything they requested and a fun conversation on everyone’s day was had.

When I had mentioned to someone that we were having back to school dinner and cake , they looked at my like I was crazy. Maybe I am, but it’s all about creating memories for main man that he will have forever, because I know someday in the future, dinners like this will be far and few between, but I do hope when his children start Kindergarten the tradition will carry on.

What traditions are in  your family  to celebrate Back to School?

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