With a little less than 2 months before…

Election day… I find myself at least 5 times daily hovering over the delete post, block post or de-friend user box’s on most social network pages.

People that I would normally admire or take advice from are even making me consider their creditability and I see they have posted on this wall or commented on that status regarding this candidate or that one.

Everyone is entitled to their political view. Right Wing , Left Wing, No Wing. No matter which way you look at it, we will all have a different view. You will view it from your families religious beliefs, economic standpoint, superstitions, Pro-Choice, Pro-Life and just about anything that you feel will justify who you will vote for in next Election and I will do the same.

Being a dental hygienist for most of my adult life I have practiced during what will now be my 6th presidential election and as my own practice policy I will not discuss who I am voting for and I would never ask anyone who they were voting for, yet it comes up. I smile and I say I don’t discuss politics, but isn’t it a beautiful day outside. I get looks, snide remarks or my patients will begin to tell me who they will be voting for an why. It is the 1 time during the course of the year that I am speechless or speak less.

Even this morning when I went into 7-11 for a cup of coffee to my surprise you could even show your candidate’s support with either Red Republican or Blue Democratic cup’s.

Am I alone in feeling that with Election day a little less then 2 months away, The next 50 something days are going to be long?

2 thoughts on “With a little less than 2 months before…

  1. Well said! I’m so annoyed with it as well. I posted a status a few weeks ago that Ive had enough with the political posts and people jumped all over my status about how important this election is blah blah blah. I’m sick of the propaganda and the candidates being mis-quoted. It’s very hard to get facts at this point.

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