Neater Feeder Review & Giveaway

Main Street Mama always loves working with our friends from Momma Lew’s Blog. I know a dog named Buster who could definitely benefit from Neater Feeder!

After cleaning up after your kids all day long, cleaning up after your dog or cat is the last thing you probably feel like doing.  It’s amazing what a mess my dog can make when he eats and drinks!  Water is all over the floor and bits of food are everywhere.  I have a hard time keeping my daughter away from the dog’s food, so sometimes this also becomes a safety concern too.  I recently had the chance to review a Neater Feeder for my Australian Cattle Dog, Chester.

Neater Feeder is the only animal feeding system on the market right now.  It’s revolutionary design separates and contains spilled food and water.  It saves time & protects your floors.  The Neater Feeder also creates a healthy eating environment.  By being elevated, it improves comfort  digestion and reduces neck and join strain for your pet.


I really like the design of my feeder.  At first, my dog was a little hesitant of using his new bowls.  But he got used to it pretty quickly.  I like the fact that my daughter cannot walk around the house with my dog’s bowls.  I read that your pet’s bowls can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so it kind of grosses me out that she insists on doing that.   The Neater Feeder does in fact work just like it is intended.  The food stays on top and any dripped water goes right into the drainage area.

You can find Neater Feeder’s in a variety of; local stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and pet stores.  You can take advantage of the; Special  TV Offer when you order a Neater Feeder online.


Neater Feeder has so generously agreed to give one lucky reader their own feeder!  Size and color will be winner’s choice! Giveaway is open to US Residents, 18 years of age and up.  Enter through the Rafflecopter below!
Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Neater Feeder Review & Giveaway

  1. I love the large neater feeder in cranberry. I have a 125lb Bernese Mountain Dog and this would be perfect for him

  2. I have 2 very messy eating cats. One scoops the food out of the bowl with her head as she eats and the other one has to put her paw in the water as she drinks and then drips it all over the floor. Cleaning the cat bowls and the floor is done a few times a day around my house. It would be nice to have the mess a little more contained 🙂

  3. YES I have a messy Eater, lol. I would LOVE to win this for her, we would need size large. She’s my big baby, a Chocolate Lab

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