Our Morning At The Cape May Whale & Dolphin Watch

Our Morning At The Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center

Yesterday my family along with a great friends family spent our morning at the Cape May Whale & Dolphin Watch. The Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center (CMWW & RC). Prior to our trip to the Cape May area I had noticed a few friends enjoying excursions such as this and since making memories is what vacation is all about for this Main Street Mama this was a must do for our family.

Our Crew ready to spot some Dolphins

Our Crew ready to spot some Dolphins

As we boarded the ship we were greeted by the crew who was friendly, delightful and knowledgeable in answering all of our questions. The watch which left on time  is started with an overview of what we can expect to see , and a some history about dolphins, whales , the area and that we could site some rare endangered species of birds overhead so always be on the look out.

Alissa showing the children the Dolphin's Palate

Alissa showing the children the Dolphin’s Palate

During our two and a half hours on board the ship we spotted many dolphins in their own environment. The children were very excited as they saw them glide through the water often bowing as the swam rapidly around our boat. We learned that no two dolphins have the same fin, many of the dolphins had been named by the naturalist staff on board. It was wonderful to watch them point out the different characteristics and see the enthusiasm in them as the explained  patiently to our very curious children.

Some of our Sightings

Some of our Sightings

With various four watch times available throughout the day. Be sure to check out the schedule  and find the right time for you and your family to visit and explore.

During our time on board a naturalist came around and told us about Jessica Rekos, a first grader killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Jessica had a love for whales and while on board the children could make a patch for a quilt that would be raffled to support her foundation , so that other children can enjoy her love of whales. It was a bit emotional explaining to my seven year old why we were making the patch. He understood why and was happy that maybe his work of art could make someone smile.

Jessica Rekos Foundation Information

Jessica Rekos Foundation Information

Before disembarking the children were invited to come up top to visit the play and touch exhibits on the top of the boat. They got to touch horseshoe crabs, clams and lots of things that this Main Street Mama would not. A little fact learned was that if you kiss a horseshoe crab you get seven years good luck. That I did do!!!

We hope you can see how much we loved our visit and hope you and your family enjoy your vacations this summer!

**Disclaimer** Main Street Mama received complementary passes to write an honest review of Cape May Whale and Dolphin Watch and we honestly had an awesome time and would do it again!

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