Queen Takes The Reigns at Medieval Times’ New Jersey Castle

Queen Takes The Reigns at Medieval Times’ New Jersey Castle

In a major break from Medieval Times’ 34 year tradition of casting a king as the show’s lead role, the company has launched a new production at their Lyndhurst New Jersey Castle. A queen is now in charge and sole ruler of the land. Like all women she is a firm but kind ruler and respected throughout the kingdom.  After Inheriting the throne from her father the previous king upon his passing. The Queen has been well groomed or her role.

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The cast and script aren’t the only changes with the new show. Medieval Times has more than 700 new custom designed costumes for all nine castles. The entire cast including the horses have been created 200 new suits of armor. Shields and helmets for over 350 team members and 225 horses all created at an armory in Florida. Every element is synchronized to music.  After 3 long months of training the lights, fights , jousts, and jabs are ready to captivate your family

New Show, New  Costumes and New Armor

New Show, New Costumes and New Armor

We were fortunate enough to be invited this past weekend as guests of the Queen herself. The new show is captivating and interactice.  We enjoyed Jousting, fighting , horsemanship and swordplay as we dined on a hot four course feast. Hoping our Red and Yellow team would win, which it did!

Medieval Times is perfect for  family outings, birthday parties and date nights. Tickets are available at www.MedievalTimes.com or by calling  1-800-935-6878. Medieval Times in the New York/ New Jersey Area is located at 149 Polito Avenue , Lyndhurst NJ.

If you are not located in the New York / New Jersey Area Medieval Times owns and operates nine castles in the U.S. and Toronto Cancda. The new show opened in October 2017 in Dallas, TX where more than six million guest have been entertained in the castle’s 25 years.

Disclaimer: We were invited as VIP Royalty by the Queen. We had an enchanting evening and look forward to returning with more of our friends. All opinions are that of our own.

Hanging with Royalty

Hanging with Royalty

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