Main Street Mama is one of the Mommy’s Links blogs.  Main Street Mama is Lynda, mom of one little boy in Pleasantville, NY.


Welcome to Main StreetMama. Who is Main Street Mama? Well she is the average mom you see walking down the street.  She is the mom that is sometimes completely done, or sometimes running out of the house with her toothbrush in her mouth and checking to make sure her shoes match. She is me. I am Lynda Lederer-Natale, Lifestyle Blogger and Infuencer, wife to Rob, Dental Hygienist.  My MAIN job is mother to Nicholas. I have a strong philosophy when it comes to raising my son. I believe that he was wanted, he did not ask to be born and he is my MAIN responsibility as well as his father’s.

To contact MAIN STREET MAMA, email Lynda at notartar2@aol.com

Launched in 2002, after pregnancy loss, infertility, and the birth of her oldest child, Mommy’s Links was created as a mothers’ resource site. Since that time, Jennifer Nevadomski, the Mommy’s Links owner and founder, has published a variety of books, got involved in social networking, became a Marriage and Family Therapist, and grew her blogging skills. Relaunched in 2010, Mommy’s Links is not only a mothers’ resource site, it is now THE Social Network for New York Metro Moms BY moms, FOR moms. As motherhood is the most rewarding and wonderful job in the world, it can also have its challenges. We all need a place to go to be ourselves, get and give advice, share stories, make friends, vent, and find a little time in our hectic day for US. That’s what Mommy’s Links is here for. In 2012, Mommy’s Links launched its local and specialty blogs, individual sites to suit EVERY local mom.  We hope you enjoy MAIN STREET MAMA, and we hope you will check out our other blogs as well!

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