Valentines Day Another Day to Make A Memory

With today being Valentines Day today like any other is another day to make a memory, YET this day I feel makes more memories then we realize.  Valentines Day is a day that teaches little boys early how to treat women and also gives families another reason to celebrate our love for each other.

As I have written time and time again I love themes, parties and any excuse to make a memory. Valentines Day allows all of that and more. I am not speaking of the commercialism of the holiday, I am speaking of time to tell each other you love them. It is also an opportunity to take the time to do something special for your special someone be it friend, teacher, babysitter, or lover!

Main Man has been excited since we ordered POKEMON valentines months ago for his friends, and was relived when I said it was time to FINALLY open them. My son has taken deep pride this year in his valentines and his writing is very clear in addressing them and signing his name. He even made sure to include his best buds with who he does not go to school with and friends who are not in his class along with special chocolates for them as well. He is learning early and I am one proud mama.

POKEMON Valentines and Treats

In our house we celebrate  valentines day with a family dinner that we choose together. This year we have  all chosen pizza since I have to work and it is something we all like. (Friday night I will surprise my big main man with homemade white clam sauce). Big Man is usually on dessert duty and I am curious as to what he will come home with tonight. I have prepared some chocolate covered strawberries which is always a family favorite.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries a Family Favorite

I am a firm believer that a gift should be given that comes from the heart so I took direction from little love as to what he wanted to give his cousins, grandmother, and aunt for valentines day. He asked me to get his cousin Sammi a build a bear gift card, mind you Sammi is almost 17 so I think there is a slight hidden agenda there. Although she did tell him that they could go together if she ever got one. He asked me to take him to get Grandma a cookbook because she cooks for him and should be a chef. He said for his cousin Meira we should get her a bigger closet and more places to hang her clothes so she can respect her room.  He suggested we get everyone chocolate. Nicholas was quick to remind me that I should get  dark chocolate for grandma because that is what she likes.  I was sure to make a visit to 5th Avenue Chocolate Works for some homemade goodies for everyone.

Homemade Chocolate from 5th Avenue for Meira

When its time to exchange our valentines I look forward to everyones smiles of joy as they open there gifts from main man. Main Man has told me that I  am his valentine and he had been shopping with Daddy but it is a big secret! All I keep saying is he is all I want and he makes everyday valentines day.

Build A Bear For Nicholas & Sammi

Gifts for our Babysitter complete with MANI/PEDI


KIDZ BOP 23 For Nicholas


New memories will be made today from the moment we wake up and so the memory making begins.

Main Street Mama hopes that you and your family have a happy valentines day and make wonderful memories together!















































Does Your House Smell Of Sunday? Mine Does!

Meatballs, Sausage, Braciole, and Gravy!

All of these things help my house smell of Sunday, Does yours?

Smell Of Sunday!

Growing up in a Jewish house, we enjoyed cooking from around the world my mother made a mean Matza Ball soup and a killer Gravy complete with all the trimmings. Although Prince Spaghetti days were Sunday and Wednesday growing up we usually had spaghetti on Monday’s.

When I first met my husband and we had been dating for a few months in conversation he mentioned what he missed most about his childhood was going to his grandmothers every weekend with all his cousins and walking into the smell of Sunday! Having a bunch of Italian friends growing up I knew Sundays at their house was usually a family day that involved a big dinner. I then became curious as to what Sunday smelled like? Did someone not take out the garbage all week?  Rob then explained to me when he would go to his grandparents (did I mention they went EVERY Sunday) the smell of the gravy on the stove and his grandma’s homemade pasta was a highlight of his week and it was always something he looked forward to even when he was in his twenties.

We had been dating around six months when one Sunday Rob was going out riding on his motorcycle. I decided not to go and said I would see him the next day, later that day when Rob returned home he arrived at his apartment to the Smell of Sunday! A smell he had not smelled in a very long time. He was stunned , surprised and loved that I had remembered what had made him happy from his childhood. Smell of Sunday would now continue!

Getting the smell of Sunday is not an easy task by any means. First you need to make sure your meatballs are pork, veal and beef. I usually buy my meatball mix from a local pork store as well as my sausage and braciole. Mixing the meatballs and frying them takes time and I usually do them the night before. The sausage is easy to do both sweet and hot give the gravy a nice taste.

The task of chopping the onions and the garlic (my least favorite) is next and  you want to make sure you sauté them in olive oil just till they are translucent adding some hot pepper, kosher salt, fresh basil, oregano, parsley, ground pepper. Once they have turned color I throw in the braciole and pan sear it before I add in the  tomatoes jarred or canned. I alternate but prefer jarred for when I am making a plain marinara sauce with no meat!


Garlic, Onions, and the right amount of Seasoning



Hot & Sweet Sausage

Once I have added the  tomatoes in goes the meat and a long slow simmer will happen usually for about six hours. About half way through I give the gravy a taste and add seasonings accordingly. While it is cooking the smell spreads throughout the house and you can’t help but get hungry from the Smell of Sunday. Since my niece is living with us who is a vegetarian I also make a pot of plain sauce for her whenever we make a meat gravy. The Smell of Sunday is about FAMILY so everyone should be able to enjoy!

Meat Gravy and Plain Sauce so everyone can enjoy!


Whenever the Smell of Sunday hits our house it is cause for a family dinner, we invite our siblings, cousins, or friends and set up the big long table. A nice tossed salad and some chicken parmigiana are added to the menu. A good Garlic Bread MUST always be prepared because there is a lot of dunking to be done.

Nothing better then fresh bread from Arthur Avenue

Pasta for some and Spaghetti for others… Everyone enjoys the Bread

Smell of Sunday in a Bowl



Although preparing for the smell of sunday is alot of work, it is worth it when you mix good food, and fantastic family. I know it is something both my main men appreciate and look forward to.

Does your family have any smells, that remind them of family and the feeling of being home? I would love to read all about them so please share them by commenting.