Sometimes..You Just Need Husband And Wife Time Together

Sometimes we need to step away from being mommy and daddy and have husband and wife time together. Yes I said that!  As many of you know our lives revolves around our main man, he is our heart our soul and our everything! With that being said, his father and I do need quality time together so we can be who we are for him.

Husband and Wife Time Together

Husband and Wife Time Together

Three years ago we started going away twice yearly (at least we try to) with two other couples to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts , home of the LAND OF LOVE. Cove Haven has three different  all inclusive Resorts to choose from all within a two hour drive from door to door. This past weekend was our weekend to get away from the daily chores of housework , the real world everyday chaos to enjoy our husband and wife time together. We started our weekend getaway last Friday in the early afternoon with a trip to Carlos Bakery in Ridgewood, NJ. What romantic getaway would be complete without some sweet treats and a little something to celebrate our friends anniversary.

It is important in every relationship to cherish the little things that you have, that being conversation, laughter, friendships and intimate time together. Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts offers us that and so much more. We like to arrive early on Friday as there is always an array of “couple” themed activities. We enjoyed some cocktails  played some trivia games in the bar area and actually were able to have a conversation that was not interrupted. We spent some time in our rooms before meeting our friends for dinner, for us the weekend is not just about husband and wife time together. It is also about adult time! We enjoy going away with other adult couples, spending time together , being able to drop the occasional F bomb without having to cover it up and laughing until your cheeks hurt.

Our room of choice which we love and request each time we go any of the Cove Haven Resorts “Garden of Eden Apple Suite” cozy and private with no windows. This room has a heart shaped whirlpool, heated swimming pool and dry sauna. Let’s not forget the fire place, for us it makes the nights more romantic to have the gaze of the fire right in your bedroom.

During the days there are always fun activities to participate in such as the XXX Newlywed Game, always a favorite with us. We enjoy watching the show and always say next time we to will get on stage. This trip we even decided to play it in our rooms later that night. Belly laughs were had by all as we listened and learned from everyones answers. Definitely a game to play with open minds and lots of adult beverages!

If you visit the land of love without friends, need not worry the days are fun-filled with activities and the night life consists of  bands, comedians or magicians. Everyone is friendly and it is easy to strike a conversation since everyone is so relaxed and focused on a good time.

Forever Lovers

Forever Lovers



We all look forward to dining without having to worry about spills, although it would not be a meal without them. Our favorite meal of the weekend is Saturday night “Strip” Night a steak dinner with all the trimmings. Sunday morning breakfast  is always enjoyed as we sit with each other laugh about the previous evenings antics and plan our next getaway as Forever Lovers to the Land of Love after all Love Lives Here!



Wether you choose Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts as your getaway spot or another destination. Remember this, you were husband and wife before you were daddy and mommy and it will make you both better parents to have husband and wife time together!

Husband and Wife Night 2

Husband and Wife Night 2

**Disclosure I was in no way compensated for this post other then by my husband with a great spa massage during our stay, which only relaxed me even more! Main Street Mama’s advice is to plan your husband and wife time together NOW!

Valentines Day Another Day to Make A Memory

With today being Valentines Day today like any other is another day to make a memory, YET this day I feel makes more memories then we realize.  Valentines Day is a day that teaches little boys early how to treat women and also gives families another reason to celebrate our love for each other.

As I have written time and time again I love themes, parties and any excuse to make a memory. Valentines Day allows all of that and more. I am not speaking of the commercialism of the holiday, I am speaking of time to tell each other you love them. It is also an opportunity to take the time to do something special for your special someone be it friend, teacher, babysitter, or lover!

Main Man has been excited since we ordered POKEMON valentines months ago for his friends, and was relived when I said it was time to FINALLY open them. My son has taken deep pride this year in his valentines and his writing is very clear in addressing them and signing his name. He even made sure to include his best buds with who he does not go to school with and friends who are not in his class along with special chocolates for them as well. He is learning early and I am one proud mama.

POKEMON Valentines and Treats

In our house we celebrate  valentines day with a family dinner that we choose together. This year we have  all chosen pizza since I have to work and it is something we all like. (Friday night I will surprise my big main man with homemade white clam sauce). Big Man is usually on dessert duty and I am curious as to what he will come home with tonight. I have prepared some chocolate covered strawberries which is always a family favorite.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries a Family Favorite

I am a firm believer that a gift should be given that comes from the heart so I took direction from little love as to what he wanted to give his cousins, grandmother, and aunt for valentines day. He asked me to get his cousin Sammi a build a bear gift card, mind you Sammi is almost 17 so I think there is a slight hidden agenda there. Although she did tell him that they could go together if she ever got one. He asked me to take him to get Grandma a cookbook because she cooks for him and should be a chef. He said for his cousin Meira we should get her a bigger closet and more places to hang her clothes so she can respect her room.  He suggested we get everyone chocolate. Nicholas was quick to remind me that I should get  dark chocolate for grandma because that is what she likes.  I was sure to make a visit to 5th Avenue Chocolate Works for some homemade goodies for everyone.

Homemade Chocolate from 5th Avenue for Meira

When its time to exchange our valentines I look forward to everyones smiles of joy as they open there gifts from main man. Main Man has told me that I  am his valentine and he had been shopping with Daddy but it is a big secret! All I keep saying is he is all I want and he makes everyday valentines day.

Build A Bear For Nicholas & Sammi

Gifts for our Babysitter complete with MANI/PEDI


KIDZ BOP 23 For Nicholas


New memories will be made today from the moment we wake up and so the memory making begins.

Main Street Mama hopes that you and your family have a happy valentines day and make wonderful memories together!















































Go Red For Women Today is National Wear Red Day

Today is National Wear Red Day.. Are you up for the challenge to GO RED FOR WOMEN??

 Every year, on the first Friday in February, millions of women and men come together  wearing red,  ready to take action and commit to fight Heart Disease.  In 2003, the American Heart Association was faced with a big challenge ,  being  that Cardiovascular disease  was claiming the lives of nearly 500,000 American women each year. Many women often dismiss heart disease as an “older man’s disease.” Many don’t pay attention to the tell tale signs. In order to dispel the myths of heart disease as the No. 1 killer of women, the American Heart Association, along with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute created National Wear Red Day® , in order to raise awareness of this critical disease. Go Red For Women promotes, educates ,informs and challenges us to make a change within ourselves and fight Heart Disease head on.

Go Red For Women is a passionate, emotional, social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health. By banding together we can collectively wipe out heart disease. It challenges us to know our own risk for heart disease , seek preventative medicine and follow the guidelines set forth for heart health.

Since the first National Wear Red Day 10 years ago, tremendous strides have been made in the fight against heart disease in women

  • 21% fewer women are dying from heart disease
  • 23% more women aware that it’s their No. 1 health threat
  • Publishing of gender-specific results, established differences in symptoms and responses to medications and women-specific guidelines for prevention and treatment
  • Legislation to help end gender disparities

Want more information on how you can make a difference visit American Heart Association Go Red For Women online .

 I ask that you and all your friends wear RED today and to help share the truth about heart disease and make ending it a reality!

SO Main Street Mama’s are you up to the challenge?

Whose wearing RED with me today?