In Transit On Broadway A Capella Musical

In Transit On Broadway

If you follow along with us on Social Media you know we are a  Broadway Family.  When Broadway Wiz reached out to us to review , In Transit  A Cappella Musical.We immediately said YES! The musical set in New York City that chronicles the lives of 11 different people.

The baseline set by Boxman (Chesney Snow), for thinking outside of the box, creates a continuation foundational heartbeat  for the entire performance and the connection between each of the characters.

In Transit is a Must See

In Transit is a Must See

The 11 member ensemble did a great job of creating the effect of a full orchestra in the non-existent orchestra pit. Each of the characters had their own individual story-line that the audience could resonate with.  Whether it is our own story, that of a friend or family member, or even just something we witnessed within society.

 Ali (Erin Mackey), the girl who dropped everything and moved cross-country for a boy.
Trent (Justin Guarini) and Steven (Telly Leung), a gay couple struggling with the acceptance of their life choices from friends and family, especially from Trent’s Mom (Moya Angela).

Nate (James Snyder) the overall well liked guy who makes one mistake and everything falls out from underneath him.

Jane (Margo Seibert) the wanna-be actress who moves to NYC but lives the life of a temp to pay the bills until an audition works in her favor.

Amazing Set In Transit

Amazing Set In Transit

The show portrays lifestyles that each one of us could relate to. In Transit shows us that we are not alone in the our lifes journey.  I was able watch each character through the various obstacles of life.  Watching them intertwine  their life paths as each story-line unfolded. Sticking by one another and not giving up on your dreams, but doing what you have to, so you can do what you love. The subtle one liners , pop-culture, and everyday references kept the performance fresh and relevant.

In Transit is playing at Circle In the Square , 235 W 50th Street

To purchase tickets call 212-239-6200 or click here 

*Disclosure: Main Street Mama was provided a ticket for review purposes