Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s The Wizard of Dizz Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  Minnie’s The Wizard of Dizz on June 11th, I have a great giveaway and some fun Activity Sheets and Clips to share with you!
If you are a fan of the classic Wizard of Oz, but have children who find themselves afraid of the Wicked Witch of the West and Flying Monkeys, everyone needs to check out Minnie’s The Wizard of Dizz!  Journey on to a wondrous land of enchantment and surprises with all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pals as they visit the strange and wonderful world of “Dizz”.
This new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse adventure is full of all of the usual music and laughter of the Clubhouse gang and includes two extra episodes, ten bonus Minnie Bow-Toons and a free download  of the Minnie Bow Maker digital book app!
Watch some clips from the movie!
Some activity sheets & coloring pages for you and your little ones to enjoy!
Enter to win your own copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  The Wizard of Dizz! 
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Da Da Daaaaaa Dreamworks Animation’s The Croods

Da Da Daaaaa Last week our family had the pleasure of attending a screening of The Croods at a family Mamarazzi courtesy of The  Moms in NYC. 

3 D Glasses on Ready to Watch

3 D Glasses on Ready to Watch


During the 90 minute 3D feature we became part of The Croods family, learning more about Grugg (dad), Ugga (mom), Eep (teenager daughter), Thunk (son) , Sandy (babysister) and Gran. After loosing their cave in what appears to be an earthquake The Croods run into Guy and his sidekick Sloth, Belt. Belt who can’t talk except for his signature sing song of Da Da Daaaaa  help teach The Croods to venture out, rethink their way of living and chase the sun.



The Croods, A modern day Flintstone Family rocked by the changes in their world, learn many things as a family and about each other during the film. Grugg has to learn to allow his daughter to be independent as she develops a relationship with Guy along the journey. While traveling across the spectacular landscape with fascinating creatures The Croods discover there is more in life then living in hiding.  As a family they learn it is fine to have a good time , make new friends and on the rare occasion break the rules while chasing tomorrow and trying to touch the sun. 

The Natales & Co.. A Modern Family!

The Natales & Co.. A Modern Family!




During the movie you could hear the laughs from both adults and children and that in my opinion says a lot about a family movie in that everyone in the house can relate, even grandparents! Upon talking to other families in attendance we all thought that in one way or another our family was apart of  The Croods family.

When the movie was finished  we were treated to a Q&A with Catherine Keener who plays Ugga and directors Kirk DeMicco & Chris Sanders. Before the Q & A could began Kirk and Chris were presented with the father of the year award for Grugg from the National Fatherhood Initiative.  Keener who admits this was her first animated film, disclosed she chose to do the film because she sees animated films with her own son and has always been fond of the directors work.

Main Man went up to the mic with not exactly a question but to let both Chris and Kirk know that he was happy to see that eventually the colorful cat (Macawnivore), who had been chasing them throughout the movie became nice.  

Main Man at the Mic not the best picture but so proud he had the courage!

Main Man at the Mic not the best picture but so proud he had the courage!


In true,  The Moms fashion this Mamarazzi was first class all the way complete with a giant Belt greeting us as we entered the theatre area, popcorn, drinks, stone aged themed candy and  swag but most of all a life lesson about family, fun and creating memories along the way.

The Croods Popcorn

The Croods Popcorn

Lot's of The Croods and Stone themes Candy

Lot’s of The Croods and Stone themed Candy



**Disclaimer Main Street Mama and family were invited to a family mamarazzi to review The Croods courtesy of The Moms and Dreamworks Animation. All opinions are that of our family we all feel it’s not everyday we get to see an animated movie that we all LOVE!  

Thank you McDonalds, Lowes, Dreamworks Animation, and The Moms for such great gifts!

Thank you McDonalds, Lowes, Dreamworks Animation, and The Moms for such great gifts!

Main Man all smiles

Main Man all smiles




Want to see The Moms up close interview with Kirk, Chris and Catherine click here




Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam 2013 Fun For The Whole Family

Last night Main Street  Mama and my main men had the pleasure of being guests of Feld Motor Sports at opening night of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam 2013 at Nassua Coliseum in Uniondale Long Island. Having already interviewed Bill Braukmann earlier this week driver of Shock Wave our whole house was pumped for some four wheeling fun. Bill had warned us to bring earplugs because it would be a bit loud, it was but luckily dear hubby brought along a big bag.

We arrived at Nassua Coliseum and got right into action with special VIP treatment including a track walk and a one on one interview with Becky McDonough driver of El Toro Loco   , right away we took a liking to Becky as she was a female driver and I personally loved the teeth on her truck. Becky grew up in Minnesota, and fell in love with Monster Jam after she went to her first show when she was in 9th grade. Everyone told Becky she was crazy but as she has showed them if you really want something you GO FOR IT and that she did!

Becky McDonough Driver of El Toro Loco & The Main Street Mama Family


The excitement continued as the kids were treated to great swag bags courtesy of  Feld Entertainment complete with Grave Digger soft cars and a 2013 Souvenier Yearbook to collect autographs of all the drivers. We met John Seasock  driver of Grinder who admitted to us, he is big into social media and even tried to convince me to try Tout, joking we can talk about Tout if I tweeted at him on Twitter. We were able to go from truck to truck and even met Jimmy Creaton driver of Bounty Hunter and his wife Dawn Creaton driver of Scarlett Bandit. Everyone signed autographs and were super sweet to all the fans young and old.

John Seasock was great with all the fans

Dawn Creaton driver of Scarlet Bandit

Bob Robbins Driver of Aftershock



Once we heard the rev of the engines we knew it was time to put in our earplugs, take our seats and enjoy the fun and FUN is what it was. To quote my favorite fan my son he said this is Awesome and this is the kind of fun I am talking about, which definitely made my husband and I happy! During small intermissions while they clean the track and get ready for the next leg of the competition Sprocket  the clown keeps the crowd pumped with giveaways , dances and entertainment. We were having so much fun and did not care it was snowing outside or even wondered how the roads would be for our ride home, we were living in the moment.

Bounty Hunter in Action


El Toro Loco Takes Air


Want to get in on the action there is still time this weekend at Nassau Coliseum  there are 2 shows today Saturday January 26th at 2pm & 7:30 the party in the pit is from 11-2 or Sunday January 27th at 2:00 pm  by visiting TicketMaster or stop by the Coliseum box office to purchase tickets for your day of FUN. Tickets are family friendly starting as low as $15.00 for kids and $30.00 for adults.

Main Men having FUN at Monster Jam 2013

Can’t get there this weekend, well I have some great news for you. Monster Jam will be at the IZOD center next Friday & Saturday Feb 1st and 2nd with shows on Friday at 7:30pm with the party in the pit 5:30-6:30pm and Saturday at 2:00pm & 7:30pm with a party in the pit from 11-2. The party in the pit is definitely worth it as it gives fans of all ages one on one time to take pictures, get autographs and check out the cars before they spring into action so hurry up and grab those tickets today!

Have fun, don’t forget the earplugs and dress warm for a FUN day out with the family.

Disclaimer: Main Street Mama was provided a 6 pack of VIP tickets and a family 4 pack of tickets for a giveaway courtesy of Feld Motor Sports. All the FUN was truly had by Main Street Mama and my family who thanks Feld for such a terrific opportunity. Main Man loved his swag so much he fell asleep holding it… 

Main Man fell asleep holding his Grave Digger Soft Car

ColorTime Crafts & Markers Discount Code In Time For The Holidays

Holidays in our House are always filled with Fun Crafts are they in your house too? If they are here is a great offer from ColorTime Crafts.  ColorTime Crafts & Markers is offering a Discount Code just in time for the holidays.

Since 1990, over 5 millin children and adults have loved creating t-shirts, pillowcases, tote bags, bandanas, and more for parties, slumber parties, and scout meetings with  permanent fabric markers. Colortime has provided their customers the opportunity to entertain their guests with a creative activity that becomes a permanent keepsake. Also, they are a licensed vendor of the Girl Scouts of America. Check out their wholesale program, great for organizations.  We are having a big get together this holiday season with our friends and their children and this might just be the craft of the day.

Want some cool coloring pages for your kids click here, or join their birthday club for some special incentives.

See something you like get 15% off all orders by using PROMO CODE 15USFG when you check out colortime.com


Disclaimer;  Main Street Mama has been compensated for this blog post by receiving a Free Sampler Project and 3 markers for sharing this great offer. All opinions are that of Main Street Mama.