Have You Filled A Bucket or Had Your Bucket Filled Today?

Many of you I am sure are  thinking Hmmm? What could she possibly mean by “Have you filled a Bucket Today?”  When I first heard the phrase I myself went Hmmm.. After all I was hearing it from my 5 year old son as he was describing that if he and his classmates filled each others buckets,  at the end of the month his Kindergarten class got extra time at recess. I just nodded my head and said “wow that is awesome!” not knowing what I would find out on Back to School Night really required a WOW.

My son’s school is working on a new way to get the teachers, children and parents on the right track this school year based on the children’s book Have you filled A Bucket Today?  by Carol McCloud. The book is used as a guide to daily happiness for children. In the book, children are taught about Bucket Filling, Bucket Dipping, Putting a Lid On and that when they fill someone else’s bucket, they are actually filling their own.

With all the bullying issues on the news it is definitely in my opinion a great way to teach children early on using a concept they can understand. Adults can learn from this exercise as well, and we have even started using it at home by making sure we say something “bucket filling” to everyone in the house everyday. It has also helped to teach my son that sometimes Mommys and Daddys just need to “put a lid ” on so they don’t say the wrong thing.

As parents, we need to teach our children how to be kind to others so that this becomes part of their everyday life. We can do that by making their day everyday, being there for them all the time, choosing your attitude when speaking to them or in front of them. Just these things will implode their buckets in a positive way.

Here is the Bucket Filling Pledge:

I promise to do my best everyday to be a bucket filler not to dip and to use my lid for myself and others at home, work, school and everywhere I go!

By reading this post you have taken the pledge how will you help full someone’s bucket today?