Happy Family Review & Giveaway

Happy Family Review & Giveaway 
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Happy Family brand is one of my favorite “baby” food brands out there.  But guess what?  Their products are so much more than just baby!  Now toddlers and even big kids can enjoy Happy Family brand’s nutritious and delicious meals!  This is a special time for Happy Family!  This Mother’s Day is their 7th Birthday!  As a company who is owned and operated by moms, Happy Family has become the leading premium organic food brand out there right now!  I was ecstatic when I was asked to review their products & help celebrate this special milestone with them!

Did you just have a brand new little one?  If so, then you can help celebrate with Happy Family too!  Every year Happy Family donates to Project Peanut Butter for starving children in Africa.  This year, they have pledged to donate $700,000 worth of products to children right here in the United States.  Now here is where YOU come in!  They will pledge $1,000 worth of products for the first 100 babies born in May whose parent’s post their picture through Facebook.  And then to reward you for helping, you will receive your own gift of Happy Family products when it comes time for your new little one to start solids.  You can

submit your picture here!

I had the chance to review some of the delicious Happy Toddler products.  And I say, “I”, because yes, I did in fact try them!  Happy Munchies Banana, Blueberry, Beet is my new favorite snack actually!  We have never enjoyed such a delicious freeze dried snack before!  And my daughter enjoyed too!  What a perfect way to get some new types of vegetables into your little ones!  I never make or eat beets, so that was new for me too!

Even the dog wanted some

There are a lot of Organic food companies out there, but what sets Happy Family apart from the rest is the fact that they use enlightened nutrition.  They pair the very best organic ingredients with key vitamins and minerals our bodies need, like amaranth, coconut milk, dha, magnesium, pre & probiotics, quinoa, salba – the super chia and vitamin D.  We tried the Strawberry, Kiwi, Beet Puree and it was so good.  I love these pouches.  They make it so fun and easy for the kids to get their antioxidants, omega-3’s, vitamin C and calcium!

Happy Family products contain no trans fats, artificial preservatives or flavors, are BPA free.  Besides working to create the very best foods for you and your little ones, Happy Family works to think green, be socially responsible and by educating parents.

When my oldest child was about 6 months old, I found myself very confused as to what and how much to feed him.  I felt like I never got a clear answer from my pediatrician or in the information I had.  Happy Family has quite a; few resources to help educate parents on proper nutrition from prenatal care to the toddler years.

Happy Family is so generously giving 1 lucky reader a Happy Toddler Prize Package!  The winner will receive:  (1) Happy Yogis, (1) Happy Tot Plus pouches, (1) Happy Tot toddler meal bowls, (2) Happy Tot and (1) Happy Munchies – Approximate Value: $15. 

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Fruit.0 No Fuss Just Fruit

Once again Main Street Mama is pleased to team up with Tracee from Five Lil Bass In Tow to find out what she thought about this great new product Fruit.0 all the benefits of Fruit with no Fuss!
Do you enjoy Mangos? Pineapples? Pears? I know how hard it is to get your daily need for fruit. Being a full time working mom I do not worry about myself very much. Especially when it come to what I eat. If during my busy day I even remember to stop and eat. So these are the perfect product. Running late, again? Throw one of these neat pouches in your purse, in your diaper bag or even your briefcase. each pouch gives you 80% of your daily needed vitamin C. Both kinds of pouches are 100% fruit! There are no sugars or additives in them. Even the babies loves them! Plus another great thing about these is if you are watching your weight but need to have a nice snack, these are perfect! Check it out, only 100 calories each. Just unscrew the top and squeeze! Tracee says that her 16 year old daughter will go to feed one to the baby and she will catch her snackin on Fruit.0 too. Yes, they are that good. I am truly loving finding all these new products that are actually good for you!

Not a big fan or those fruits? Try the Berries and Bananas flavor. A little something for everyone!

Her oldest daughters favorite was the Berries and Bananas! Her son’s mostly went for the Mango. Maybe it’s a boy thing. We loved them. Great for all ages!!
About Them
Like any busy professionals with demanding jobs, we spend loooong hours camped in our offices with fewer and fewer breaks for proper meals. Of course, vending machines full of candies and jars stuffed with cookies were always around to silence a hungry stomach. The office kitchen would also have some fruit but no one knew when it was brought in and the brown spots on the apple were less reassuring. Our wish was simple. Why can’t we have a healthy alternative snack that tastes good, that is full of nutrition and is prepared in a way that’s easy to carry and enjoy whenever, wherever we needed it? The answer was fruit.0! A delicious, organic fruit snack with none of the artificial stuff. We absolutely enjoy these snacks and we hope you do as well.
Lars and Mike
check them out on their website ; facebook
Each box of 10 is $24.99. You can purchase from their website or from Amazon.com
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Five Lil Bass In Tow or Main Street Mama were not monetarily compensated for this review. Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent 2 boxes to try and post my honest review.