CEO of Your Life

CEO of Your Life

While fast forwarding through the political posts on Facebook the other day, I came across something that someone wrote and I had to write it down. It said “Evaluate the people in your life; then promote, demote, or terminate. Your The CEO of Your Life!”

It got me thinking as recently I had written a blog post from the heart Humble and Happy  that post was my coming to terms with my recent employment situation. I had been forced out of a job I loved up until a few months prior to my resignation.

Our life as we knew it changed, my whole adult life I had always supported myself. When I got married I  contributed to 50% of our families expenses and still always had my own play money. I never had to account for what I spent nor was money an object. When I was with friends who didn’t have as much discretionary money or even those who did I always pulled out money. As long as everyone was having fun, what it cost didn’t matter.

Now  for the first time in my life I am self employed and building my own business . I have had to realize that I have friends who resent my current situation,  don’t understand it or were only friends when I was in a position to help their cause.

I enjoy being home for drop off and pick-up . I enjoy taking my son to doctors appointments. I enjoy being able to build my brand at my pace. I enjoy having playdates after school. I enjoy doing homework with my son at a decent hour. I enjoy waking up and making him lunch. I enjoy cooking a healthy meal every night (well almost every). I enjoy having lunch with a friend and taking our dog for a walk.


All of that enjoyment comes with ALOT of sacrifice. We don’t eat out often. We don’t go out on the weekends as much as we used it. We don’t or I don’t shop just because I want to. We don’t have a winter vacation booked nor do I see one in our future.

We have wonderful extended family but neither one of us comes from money.  Our parents have not been able to help us nor would we ask them to. My husband is a saver something I am not. Thankfully he had planned for me to  build my business and not being fully employed nor contributing to our expenses for 6 months (that’s quickly approaching).

Thankfully I am a planner and we had purchased tickets to many fun events before I was self employed so we are still able to do amazing things. I get invited to some great events through my blog so we are never lacking things to do. Now don’t get me wrong we are not Destitute.  We just can’t anymore because we can the way we used to!

I am never one to judge what someone does with their money they earned it. I never begrudge  anyone who has help from family , God Bless them. I give second and third chances and the benefit of the doubt when other’s didn’t. I am a friend in every sense of the word or at least I think I am.

So can someone tell me If I am CEO of my life and you are the CEO of your life ,why do we think it’s ok to resent and not support our friends? Together we are #StrongerTogether,  #BlessedWithTheBest and #SmileMore !

CEO Of Your Life

CEO Of Your Life